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Entrepreneur Pro plan

The Entrepreneur Pro plan provides everything you need to start a business. As a part of this plan, you will get free company registration and assistance with opening a borderless Wise bank account. This will allow you to get started with your business operations right away.

In this plan, we will only charge you mandatorily for every Estonian company services. These services are legal address, mail forwarding, and the authorised contact person service.

In the best case, electronic registration will take a few hours after signing the company registration application, but it is still advisable to budget at least one business day.

Online registration is the most convenient way to start your company. In order to log in to the e-Business Portal and perform the registration procedure, you need an Estonian, Latvian, Belgian or Finnish ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID. Foreign citizens who want to start a company in Estonia need to become an e-resident and obtain a digi-ID. Holders of an e-resident's digi-ID-card can sign documents digitally and digi-ID provides access to all Estonian e-services.

You can only register your company electronically if all of the persons involved (members of the management board, founding members, members of the supervisory board etc.) are able to sign the initial entry form and establishment documents digitally.

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